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4 Ideas you can do to add character to your rental

4 Ideas you can do to add character to your rental

Its been a while since I wrote a post, but I am back! and today I want to share some great ideas you can do to add character to your home and they are all rental friendly ;)

You can find all of this pictures and more on my instagram @Rebeccaandgenevieve

1 Wall accents

I start with one of my favorite projects to date. This super easy accent wall. Yes, it can be done renter friendly! I only used three small screws to attach the panel to the wall, the rest are command hanging strips. Even the top board was attached using command hanging strips. YAY for a renters hack!


Accent walls can add so much personality to a space and removable wallpaper is a great alternative for us renters or anyone that doesn’t want to commit to traditional wallpaper. It peels off easily when you are ready to go.

This gorgeous wall paper I used for my daughters nursery ( this post ) is from @anewall


2. The Power of Paint

I always talk about this one. Nothing can beat the power of paint!

I love the super simple project I did on my boys bedroom, just a quarter gallon of paint went a long way into transforming this space from blah to Superhero mode. Coolest bedroom in the house!


Love this accent wall in my daughters nursery, it adds an unexpected element to her sweet room.


And my favorite of all. Done with a sample size paint jar, hands down the most inexpensive project I have done in this house.


3 Gallery Walls

As you may noticed, I love gallery walls. I have a few in our home, but my favorite by far is the one in our living room. I feel that gallery walls can tell the story of the people that lives inside the house. You can make them very personal using only family pictures of a mix of art and family pictures like the one I have in our living room.

They are also great alternative to add character to a empty wall. You can make them the main feature in a room, using different frames and colors.


4 Light fixtures

They are easier to change than you think and they can transform the vibe of a space instantly.

Think of them like earrings, depending on the style they can elevate the whole room design or make it more casual and relaxed.


That’s it! I hope this post give you some ideas on thing you can do to add character to your home.

See you on the next post.


Old world inspired Nursery

Old world inspired Nursery