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Old world inspired Nursery

Old world inspired Nursery

I am so happy to start this blog by sharing one of my favorites rooms in the house. Thank you so much for your encouragement when I mentioned that I was considering the idea of starting a blog. Your support always means a lot to me.

I want this blog will be an extension of my Instagram. A space were I can share more of the things I love, design ideas, inspiration all things interior decor.

Instagram - For the past two years- have molded and helped me identify my decor style. I feel that now creating a space is like a dance, it all comes naturally, I don’t overthink too much anymore, which is so great!. But getting to this point wasn’t night and day. I used to look at Pinterest or books and try to recreate exactly what I saw in the picture. I didn’t knew what I liked in terms of design. I can look back to my first pictures and it is amazing how much my style has evolve.

I have learned a few things through these past two years that are so important to always remember when creating a space for your home. Trusting in doing YOU is key in design. Following your gut and not rushing decisions, like picking furniture pieces -or just buying to fill a room with stuff- is key in design. You need to take the time to add the things that will spark joy. You want to bring home only what you really love. Create with intention.

I always start to create a space around a feeling. What I want the space to feel like? Cozy - we all want that- collected, charming and magical? I thought of all of those things when decided to create my daughters room. I wanted the space to be like a classic fairy-tale with some touches of vintage and modern at the same time. I wanted some of the old world charm with eclectic and modern touches. A space that didn’t felt like a baby’s room but more like a room that can grow with my little girl. Feminine but with lots of personality. Layers, patterns and different textures, yes please!

old world nursery (5).jpg

We are renting, so it is always a challenge to add character to our home without doing any permanent changes. Doing accent walls with paint or removable wallpaper has become my go. I knew I wanted to add an accent wall in this space with a wall mural, so when I stumbled across the amazing wall mural by Anewall, suddenly, the whole inspiration for the space came to me! I already had the crib, the rocking chair, the grey convertible sofa and the one of a kind vintage rug. I imagined the wall mural in the background with the gray crib there almost disappearing in front of the mural. That was it!

old world nursery (8).jpg

I am usually the type of person that goes with the flow when it comes to design, but this time I wanted to plan the whole room. I needed a design plan so I when ahead and created a mood board to visualize all the elements, I wanted to make the right decisions from the start.

Next, Lighting! I love how much charm a pendant light can add to the space. Lighting is so important, it creates ambiance. But a nice looking pendant can elevate the whole design so much, think of light as the jewelry to your decor. You can do simple or dramatic! same outfit with different jewelry can look so different! right?

When Troy Lighting reached out to me I felt that it was meant to be! I got that stunning chandelier from them and It just completes the whole design so perfectly. It is like a sun above the charming space, ahhh, so good!

old world nursery (11).jpg

Having the wall mural being neutral I knew that I needed to add color. The gorgeous vintage rug that we used to have in our master bedroom just tied everything together. It is bright and so unique, feminine without being overly girly. It is just perfect. There is something about vintage rugs that I can’t put into words, they are truly magical pieces. And this gorgeous one of a kind Persian rug was meant for this space. I love the energy it brings.

old world nursery (17).jpg

I added a mix of pillows on the sofa/daybed inspired by the colors in the rug and the colors in those two beautiful flower prints from Juniper print shop. I love to layer different textures so adding that gorgeous grey pelt was right what that sofa needed.

old world nursery (10).jpg
old world nursery (7).jpg

Originally I wanted the space to be all white walls, so having that -jungle camouflage by Behr- green accent wall was a nice design accident. It makes the velvet pillows in different shades of pink pop so nicely. That green velvet pillow with golden embroidery adds also a nice touch.

old world nursery (16).jpg

This room had some design challenges as well, like having three doors, closet, jack and jill bathroom and room door, plus one big glass door that have access to the back deck. I didn’t had so many room layout options to say the least. I needed to create some privacy without compromising light, since that was the only “window” in the space I used a lace curtain to allow as much light possible and added double rod with some gorgeous velvet Curtains that are room darkening for nap and bed times.

old world nursery (14).jpg
old world nursery (15).jpg

For the dresser, I wanted a real vintage piece but I didn’t had the time to refinish it. Finding that Urban Outfiters piece was a nice surprised. It has the right white washed color and it looks like the perfect vintage inspired piece.

old world nursery (4).jpg
old world nursery (6).jpg
old world nursery (20).jpg

The final details…

It is always important to include special pieces in your decor. Vintage treasures, family heirlooms, pictures, one of a kind, things that you have collected through the years. Those kind of little details will add so much character to a space and will make it unique.

There is a little special story behind those two little angels. I found them two years ago on one of my thrifting stops. They just spoke to me, for some reason when I saw them I thought they would be so perfect for a little girls nursery. Funny thing, it wasn’t in our plans to be pregnant again soon and the idea of a little girl was just a dream. So glad I decided to take them home with me that day and saved them, now they found their perfect spot in my daughter’s nursery.

old world nursery (18).jpg
old world nursery (9).jpg

I am so so happy with how this whole space turned out. Designing this very special room was a dream come true!

What was your favorite part?

Let me know in the comments.


Rug - Vintage from Rebecca and Genevieve

Rocking chair - WayFair

Convertible sofa - All Modern

Dresser - Urban Outfiters

Crib - Ikea

Light fixture - Troy Lighting

Moroccan pouf - Rebecca and Genevieve

Velvet Curtains - West Elm

Lace Curtains - Ikea

Mirror - H&M

Velvet pillows - Zigzag Studio Design

Flower art - Juniper Print shop

Table lamp - All Modern

Wall Mural - Anewall