Pillow set 4

Pillow set 4


We want to help you to decorate your home, that is why we have created this pillow combination for you. This pillow combo was carefully selected and styled by Valeria. Just fill them with pillow inserts and done!

Turkish Kilim Pillows are made from vintage kilim wool rugs.

Sabra pillow are handmade made in Morocco of agave silk.

Sizes in this pillow combo;

1 Small kilim pillow, Roughly 16" x 16"

1 Large kilim pillow, Roughly 20” x 20”

1 Sabra Silk pillow, Roughly 20” x 17”

- Pillow insert is not included. We recommend using a 18" Pillow insert for the small kilim pillow, 22” for the large kilim pillow and 20” Sabra silk pillow.

- Dry Clean only

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